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Weightlifting Chalk Canada

A 2011 report found the average approval time for a GM crop variety in the US had risen to 25 months. Globally, the average number of months required for a GM crop variety to receive regulatory approval in 2011 was 65 months, up from 49 months in 2008. Figure 1 illustrates the regulatory approval speed for the four leading GM-crop-producing nations from 2006 to 2012. Canadas regulatory approval times have marginally trended upward since 2006, to just over 20 months. This trend could be viewed with concern in light of the regulatory approval process for two non-browning GM varieties of Golden Delicious and Granny Smith apples. In 2011, Okanagan Specialty Fruits submitted these apple varieties to the Canadian regulatory agencies; the apples were not granted approval until March 2015. Canadian regulators took nearly twice as much time as had been needed for other GM product approvals. However, concerns about increasing regulatory approval times were downplayed following the approval of Simplots new GM potato varieties with decreased acrylamide (a carcinogenic compound that develops in potatoes when they are baked or fried at high temperatures). Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) received the dossier from Simplot early in 2015 and provided approval for four varieties of Innate potatoes in May 2016. This approval within 15 months suggests that Canadian regulatory agencies may be increasing their efficiencies. No one would advocate that diligence in risk assessment be sacrificed for private sector investment. But after safely regulating GM crop varieties for over 20 years, Canadas regulatory system should focus on the efficiencies that have been gained.

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