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This we call ambition. In 2017, Canadians are captains of complacency. We borrow more money than ever (household debt hit a record 167 per cent in 2016) and give less (charitable donations fell to the lowest in a decade last year.) Among leading industrialized nations, we are slipping — less rich and less productive than we were. Sacrifice is passé. We congratulate ourselves for taking some 40,000 Syrian refugees, forgetting that as a smaller country we took some 69,000

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So, if you have a good year, you’re paying a 44.6 percent federal tax rate,” Ryan said. “Guess what the Canadians would be taxing themselves? Same kind of company — 15 percent.” The pitch comes as Ryan readies to fight for a vision of tax reform that he’s had trouble getting off the ground, even as Republicans control both levels of Congress and the White House. The Canadian corporate tax rate, like America’s, is complicated and full of loopholes and deductions. And, much like America, there is

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